Income from foreign tourists in 2018

Income from foreign tourists in 2018

In 2018, foreign tourists brought Croatia 603.6 million euros more than in 2017.

Minister Capelli: Foreign exchange earnings from tourism are higher by 6.4% than in the previous year, and, according to the Croatian National Bank, a total of 10 billion and 97 million euros.

Charging problems are at the height of the tourist year of 2018. when individual hoteliers were forced to cut prices by 20 percent at the last minute, they did not seem to be dramatic to the extent that the year did not exceed 9.5 billion in foreign exchange earnings from 2017 years Can it be better, hard to say. The fact is that in 2018. pierced the magical border of the long-awaited ten billion euros from foreign visitors. He apostrophes and suits Minister of Tourism Gary Capelli.

“We started this tourist year with continued growth in tourist traffic, which is a prerequisite for increasing our competitiveness on an annualized basis and generating even higher incomes and thus stimulating the entire economy – comment by a sharp Minister Kappelli. Having broken through ten billions of foreign exchange earnings from tourism will undoubtedly be remembered as from the time when there have been an excellent 7.5 billion foreign exchange earnings since 2008. It was a jump from almost 700 million euros, and the economic crisis was already in 2009. this led to a further decline, and revenue declined by more than a billion. The decline continued in 2010. at the same time, slightly more than 6.2 billion euros of foreign guest income was recorded. The restoration took several years to make tourism only in 2014. dropping an approximate figure of 7.5 billion euros from foreigners. The following year, in turn, realized about eight billion euros to make in 2016. for the year foreigners’ incomes exceeded 8.6 billion euros.

Of course, all these years of tourism get more thanks to local guests. When the consumption of one and the other is summed up, Croatia as early as 2016, according to the latest results of the Croatian tourism satellite account, reached a tourist income of 10.4 billion euros. In the past, in turn, a total of 12 billion euros of income was received from domestic and foreign tourists, according to Minister Capelli, and indicates that this is an excellent indicator. Otherwise, in the very final of 2018., over the last three months, tourism has brought 851.9 million euros and 5.6% more than in the same period of 2017. More precisely, 44.8 million euros. Whether similar growth will be repeated this year is pretty vague. It is expected that one to three percent more tourist traffic. However, booking for most of the Mediterranean countries, except Turkey, did not want to be better, so he was above his head and his sword, reducing prices to attract guests.

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