New British prime minister loves Dalmacia

New British prime minister loves Dalmacia

Britain gets a new prime minister. On Wednesday, July 24th Boris Johnson assumes office after winning the inter-party elections.

Boris Johnson was the mayor of London and the head of the diplomacy. While performing these functions, he also visited Croatia in 2016.

“I’m looking forward to the day when I can go to my store in London and buy Dingač and Pošip. I still remember these two really good wines, I do not know why they do not sell in London as they should, I guess that’s why I think because you drink it in Croatia” said Boris Johnson in November 2016, during a formal visit to Croatia.

Boris Johnson is known as an enthusiastic biker, we can also conclude that a passionate lover of Croatian nature would otherwise not come to Croatia in summer almost every summer.

As much as he is a fan of Croatia, Johnson is not a fan of the European Union. Johnson promised Brexit at the end of October, by any means. Parliament is against this, and the question is whether he would remain in office until then. To his predecessor, leaving tomorrow, cabinet members prepared a farewell gift, handbag and jewelry worth a thousand and a half pounds, as permitted by law.

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