"The inspector sits down at the table"

"The inspector sits down at the table"

Their faces and names no one knows. They visit the places unexpectedly, usually during rush hour. They make order, eat, pay and go, drawing no attention to themselves. It is impossible to know in any way when your restaurant will be visited by an expert, while visits are made more than once.

Yes, we’re talking about Michelin Guide experts. And, of course, not without reason. I hasten to congratulate the restaurants Foša and Kaštel, which received a special recommendation from the inspectors of the Michelin Guide.

Not yet a star, but recommendations to visit. They say that some restaurants refuse to assign Michelin stars, this leads to an increase in guests, and not all are ready to part with the ambient intimacy. We don’t know what Zadar restaurants will do if they get a star. It’s a matter of the future. In the meantime, let’s look for phone numbers and book tables for the evening.

Michelin Guide restaurants are marked with crossed knife and fork – these icons can be from 1 to 5, and they mean the level of quality of the restaurant. Both of these Zadar restaurant’s have received two of these symbols. Good standard – experts say.

To quote the Michelin Guide:


The restaurant has a good local reputation, which is classic in style, both in terms of its decor and cuisine. The menu offers Dalmatian and Croatian cuisine, meat and fish dishes.


This elegant restaurant got its name from the function of the building in which it is located, it is a former castle. It serves excellent fusion cuisine, a combination of Dalmatian-style cuisine, French, Italian and even Peruvian. Do not be surprised to find the menu ceviche, the chef was born in Peru.

The original report of the experts can be found here.

So, if the sea and the sun leave you indifferent or you have time to enjoy them in full, then welcome to the restaurants of Zadar on a holiday of excellent taste and decent service.

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